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September : Chase Hanes/ Jaci Sanders

Chase is always willing to help out in the classroom. He is very responsible, making sure that he studies for tests. Chase will give you 110% in class. Jaci is always respectful, responsible, and reliable in my class. She is always willing to help out and help others. She comes to class prepared to work and always has her homework completed.

November: Riley Portell/Elijah Jesse

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Riley Portell always follows the 3 R's. She is such a hard worker. She puts forth great effort and is helpful to others. Elijah Jesse always follows the 3 R's. Heis a great student who likes to put smiles on others' faces. He is a hard worker and is very kind to his peers.

October: Cooper Medows/Prudence Dotson

Cooper is one of the most enjoyable students to have in class. He is extremely intelligent and enjoys learning new things. He is respectful 100% of the time, and everyone enjoys working with him. Prudence is always responsible and reliable when it comes to school work, expectations, and friendship. She is able to work with anyone in a positive way, and she is a very bright student and positive influence.

December: Lahela Wood/Layten Eikermann

Lahela is such a sweet girl who always gives her best in all she does. Layten is a great kid who is helpful to his peers. He is a hard worker in the class.

January: Wyatt Littrell/AnsleeStubblefield

Wyatt is very self-motivated and responsible. He has lots of friends and is easy to work with. His positive attitude makes the classroom a more enjoyable place. ​Anslee is very helpful and responsible at school.. She always comes to classes prepared, completes her homework, and participates in class. She is a pleasure to have each day in class.

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