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September Students of the Month

Ayden Mabe- Since the beginning of the year, Ayden has consistently shown that he possesses an abundance of character. His teachers have witnessed him show grace in the face of adversity, patience with those who do not catch on as quickly as he does, and persistence when he doesn't understand something right away. Ayden truly embodies the three R's. 

Raven Finley- Raven is the definition of dependable and responsible. She shows up each day with a smile and is always on task. Her positive attitude toward school is contagious to those around her.

October Students of the Month:

Oliver Scharfenberg-Oliver is always on task and gets along with everyone. He pays attention and works well in teams. The students point out that he is witty and funny, but never a disruption in class.

Madalyn Verdu-Maddie has been consistently exemplary since the school year started. She is a model of behavior and work ethic for students around her and exudes kindness wherever she goes.

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